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Horizon Wars Promo by precinctomega

Here it is, at last.

Obviously, I'm posting a journal to further pimp the forthcoming release in April of my very first proper miniatures wargame, published by Osprey Games.  But actually, there's more to it than just blowing my own trumpet.  First, I want to draw people's attention to this gallery in my Favourites.  It's been there a long time, with various names down the years, but it was the first place I started to record images and ideas that inspired the development of this game (the other being this Pinterest board).

I wanted to make the game one that would pay tribute to as much of these inspiring works and images as possible.  Special mention needs to go to :iconbrotherostavia: and :iconjessada-art:BrotherOstavia was my first choice for artist.  He has been an inspiration since we hung out on the Ordo Illuminatus forums many aeons ago and was immensely generous to let me use his art in the game's first incarnation, MechaWar.  Sadly, a clash of projects meant that we had to go elsewhere, but we were super-fortunate to find some time in Jessada's schedule and he's given us some amazing illustrations.

Horizon Wars, therefore, is very much a project that was gestated in the deviantArt community and its final realization is a testimony to how dA can make a difference not just for big companies and major artists but even for little people like me.
BrotherOstavia Featured By Owner Jan 26, 2016  Professional Digital Artist
Awesome project! Hope to be able to work with you soon in the future! :D
Mineraleater Featured By Owner Jan 23, 2016  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Jup, that gallery is definetly worth a view or two! 
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